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Roseau Magistrate Voices Concern over Illegal Firearms

A Roseau magistrate has raised concerns over the use of illegal firearms in Dominica.

Magistrate Michael Laudat made voiced his concerns while denying bail to a Grand Bay following gun related charges.

Curtis Thomas was charged on March 3O, for importation and trafficking of three (3) firearms and three hundred and sixty-six (366) rounds of ammunition at Woodbridge Bay Port.

Mr. Laudat told the court under the Bail Act of 2O2O, there is no longer a right to bail for serious offences.

He says there is a public outcry about the use of illegal firearms to commit crimes, and noted that gun violence poses a threat to the safety of Dominican families.

The magistrate said there is too much violence in Dominica and the Caribbean and to release the accused would send the wrong signal to the Dominican public.

He added it is not in the interest of the country to grant bail at this time.

He told the defence that they should feel free to make an application to the high court if they so please.

Defence counsel Wayne Marsh made an application for bail on April 3rd, but the prosecution objected. The matter is adjourned to July 27, 2O23.


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