The experienced broadcaster Stephen Dangleben has taken one of the major awards during the DBS 45th Anniversary ceremony at the weekend.

Dangleben received the Program Department’s Outstanding Employee Award.

The other Outstanding Employee Awards for Programming went to Leroy “Wadix” Charles and Midian “DJ Midian” Pacquette.

The Outstanding Employee Award in the Accounting Department went to Angelita Williams Dover, while Lynthia Bellot was the Outstanding Employee in Sales and Marketing.

The awards for Outstanding Employees in the News Department went to Acting Program Director, Ivona Jno Baptiste Lugay and Sports Editor, Garvin Richards while Dean Thomas took the award for Outstanding Performance in the Technical Department.

The Manager’s Award went to News Editor, Curtis Mathew.

The Manager’s Business Awards went to Garraway Enterprises and First Domestic Insurance.

Three long serving staff members who are to retire soon; Felix Henderson, Shermaine Green-Brown and Sylma Cezar were also recognized at Saturday’s event.

Meantime, Outstanding Employee in the Accounting Department, Angelita Dover says the evening was special.

DBS News spoke to some other awardees: Dean Thomas, DJ Midian, Ivona Jno. Baptiste Lugay and Lynthia Bellot.

Meantime, Outstanding Employee in the Program Department Leroy “Wadix” Charles is hoping his award will help promote Creole music.

On another note, Manager of DBS Cecil Joseph says the contribution of DBS in national development over 45 years should not go unnoticed.

He says the emergence of the World Creole Music festival was influenced by the Creole culture promoted by DBS.

He says Janae Jackson and others emerged from the DBS Christmas song contest.