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Opposition Senator Under Questioning by Dominican Authorities

Opposition Senator, Dr. Thompson Fontaine has been asked to return to police headquarters on Monday as law officers continue to investigate last Tuesday’s incident in Roseau.

Dr. Fontaine was picked up on Sunday afternoon in Roseau for questioning but was released and will be questioned further this morning.

Supporters of the United Workers Party(UWP) who gathered outside police headquarters while Fontaine was being questioned, expressed their delight after he was released.

DBS News can confirm that Dr. Fontaine has not been arrested or charged.

Last week Tuesday, rioting took place in Roseau leaving many business places damaged. The rioting occurred after a meeting of the UWP.

Police say their investigation into the rioting and the meeting will continue.

It was not clear whether any other top member of the UWP will be held for questioning.

DBS News will follow that development and bring you more during the day.

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