Mayor of Portsmouth, His Worship Titus Francis is among eight people who were successful in yesterday’s Portsmouth Town Council elections.

Francis emerged the top candidate in the preliminary results coming from the lagoon ward with 95 votes, Conrad Meade was 2nd with 70 votes and Nadia Frank 3rd with 69 votes.

Portsmouth Central and Lagoon were the only contested areas.

Shem St. Jean and Felix Carriere won their seats in Portsmouth central. Bethude Azille and Samuel Williams were elected uncontested in Zicak. Kerry Prince and Sherad Pierre Louis were also elected uncontested in Glanvilla.

The 8 elected Councillors are Titus Francis, Conrad Meade, Shem St. Jean, Felix Carriere, Bethude Azille, Samuel Williams, Kerry Prince and Sherad Pierre Louis.

Government will nominate 5 to complete the council and then the council will elect a mayor.

DBS news would also like to apologize for stating earlier in the day that Clifford Parillon had beaten Felix Carriere.