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Magistrate Pacquette Sentences 2 for theft

Two men have been sentenced to one year in jail for the theft of a car in Roseau, while two others have been released on bail, after they pleaded not guilty.

Marlon Dennis, 25 years of Laplaine and Fond Cole and Francis Talbert, 3O years of Bellevue Chopin and Morne Prosper, pleaded guilty to charges that between November 5th-3Oth they stole a Toyota car registration number 94O2 in Roseau and days later ripped the doors of the car before setting it ablaze in the heights of Morne Prosper.

The owner of the car is 😯 year old Daniel Pierre.

Both defendants told the court that they were sorry and were not thinking straight since they lost everything during the passage of hurricane Maria.

Magistrate Bernard Pacquette said after hurricane Maria, there is a perception that people can do whatever they want. Mr. Pacquette said Dominica is not a society of looting and this perception needs to be wiped out. He also imposed a fine of $4, 9OO each to be paid after the men complete their jail sentence or in default six months in jail.

The two other men who were charged with the incident Leoni Jervier and Denzel Dangleben of Stockfarm pleaded not guilty and were released on bail of $15,OOO each.

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