Minister for Public Sector Reform, Gretta Roberts said, the Public Service Management bill will be introduced to Parliament this year.

She added, Government and unions have agreed that the new Public Service Management Legislation will provide an improved working environment for all public officers.

Roberts said, “It has been agreed that the Public Service Management Bill, the Public Service Management Regulations, the Public Service Management Unscheduled Employees Regulation, the Public Service Commission Regulations will be tabled in parliament this year.”

Increasingly she said, “The new Public Service Legislation will replace the Public Service Act of 1991 general orders and other regulations made under the Public Service Act and will provide clear management and operational guidelines for the public service.”

She included, “Government has also committed to have a new structure for the teaching service in place by September of 2021, with new positions to be created for increase upward mobility in the teaching service.”

Roberts revealed that Government’s team is finalizing the structure for approval and we are on schedule for implementations in the new school year.