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Anastasie Florie George


Eulogy of Anastasie Florie George

Great thanks, to all who took the time off to make it possible to
demonstrate kindness and passionate love to our deceased
mother. We appreciate your present during the passing of our
beloved mother, relatives and friends – Anastasie Florie George

better known as “Ma Jazz.”

The greetings to all and the gathering of many are here, for we
all come with one common goal, to share love and prayer
together in expressing our inner feelings to enable my mother on
her journey to meet a place that she worked so hard for in

meeting the most high.

In adopting a place of rest, her mortal self and spiritual journey
will be met by the angels at the gate of eternal happiness. My
mother – Anastasie Florie George faced sunrise on July 22, 1919
and monitored the setting of the sun on October 12, 2021 at a

golden age of 102 years young.

Ma, you gave so much and received all the love and grace on
your journey to such an extent that you had no fair of death,
which is worse than death itself. To die at the will of another is
to die twice but you choose to die once, therefore, that’s the
reason why you gave no reason to others to shorten your life, for

you gave only love to all.

Ma, you left me on the world with high measure of cold
heartedness, a woman who knew nothing of materialistic wealth,

than a body of love and parental devotion to those who you


Your love to all was shared even at the time of your birth by
adopting the name ‘Florie’ which was the name of your first
adopted mother who raised you and cared for you. Also, by my
devoted father who departed the world two years ago at a golden

age of 97.

Ma, we shared no differences in my lifetime, you never did raise
your hands on me, for reasons of correction during my
childhood and adulthood. You thought all your children the
qualities of love and compassion which was instilled on all to
become wonderful men and woman of who we are today.
Giving much to the world and expecting little in return than
what we contributed to it. This is the reason why you died
interstate that is without a will, and never was that word uttered

in the family circle that we all shared.

Death has a thousand doors to let out life, but you have searched
and found the door for eternal happiness with the Lord and


Go in peace and enjoy your journey to the kingdom of the most
high. I have always told you that I love you and will never forget
you in this challenging time, for I guarantee that you will
continue to propel and be instrumental in my spiritual well


We love you our dear mother!