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Concern for increase of Senior Citizens at COVID Care Complex…

Dr. Natasha Maxim- Esprit

Dominicans have been called to take COVID-19 more seriously, as the COVID Care Complex in Portsmouth has reported an increase in the number of senior citizens admitted to the facility.

Medical Officer responsible for the Campus Activity Centre (CAC) at the Complex Dr. Natasha Maxim- Esprit described the tough conditions at the center.

She told the “Real Stories of Health Care Workers on the Frontline” short video series, that a number of elderly patients admitted are bedridden or visually impaired, and need assistance.

“It’s a challenge, but all of us, we are putting in the work”, she said. “Sometimes, I wonder to myself, those who are bedridden and are at home, how did they get infected with the virus?”

Dr. Maxim- Esprit stressed how painful the virus can be to the elderly, and described heartbreaking moments when these patients were admitted to the CAC “gasping for breath”.

“It could be your mother, it could be your father, it could be your grandparent,” she said, “so I would like the population to take the COVID virus a bit more seriously.”

Meantime, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also expressed concern over the number of Dominica’s senior citizens infected.

On Kairi FM’s Heng this week, he urged citizens to act in a “responsible manner”, and get themselves and their grandparents vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

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