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Cyclist Ajani Casimir wins again

Ajaniah Casimir accepts the first place trophy in the Benjamin Category of the 20th John T. Memorial Cycling Race in Anguilla, July 21, 2019.

16-year-old Ajani Casimir placed 1st in the finals of Les Trois Marches which was held in Martinique.

Les Trois Marches, a series of 3 races, took place over 4 months on the island.

It saw over 25 competitors aged 15-16 competing for the prize of a trip to France, cycling equipment, and industry.
Casimir spoke with DBS Sports Editor Curtis Matthew upon his arrival in Dominica today.

The father of Ajani, Dr. Barry Casimir expressed his pride for his son.
Dr. Casimir is also the Treasurer of the Dominica Cycling Association.

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