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Dominica is introducing new protocols for fully vaccinated travelers.


Health Minister Dr. Irving Mc Intyre told the anou palay program last night, fully vaccinated travelers, will not be required to remain in quarantine for more than three days, effective this Wednesday.

He added fully vaccinated people will not be tested at the airport, however they would still be required to wear a mask and keep the physical distance protocol.

“Upon arrival fully vaccinated people will have to go to a certified safe in nature property or a government quarantine facility for at least two days after which a PCR test will be done and results are given within 24 hours.”

Mc Intyre said those who are not fully vaccinated the protocols remains the same and would require to stay at a certified safe in nature facility or government quarantine facility for five days.

Meantime, Dominica is reporting four new cases of covid-19.

Dominica’s health minister said, “We only have four active cases, which are from quarantine facilities.

He added, “We have no new community cases as such and importantly, we have zero cases under investigation and presently we remain at zero deaths.

Dominica records 180 confirmed cases of covid-19 and zero deaths since the start of the pandemic.

At the national level, approximately 41 per cent of our population is immunized.

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