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Dominican Boxer Victorious at ALBA Games


Dominican Boxer Delroy “Giant Slayer” Jno. Charles has lived up to the old saying of a ‘small axe, fall big tree’, as he boxed his way to victory at the 5th ALBA Games in Venezuela Monday.

Jno. Charles, a policeman by profession, scored a judge’s decision win over Silva Jorge of Nicaragua to record what could be Dominica’s biggest win ever in the sport.

Jorge stood a staggering 6 feet 9 inches tall, a clear monster among men, but Jno. Charles wasn’t fazed as he came out swinging in the first round and landed a number of heavy blows but couldn’t knock the giant off his feet.

The second round was a bit closer, with Jno. Charles tasting the fury of the big man, but he shook it off and kept going.

In the third and final round, Jno. Charles, with the support of not only the Dominican contingent but the Venezuelan fans, kept Jorge at bay and punched his way to a judge’s decision.

With the win, Jno. Charles has advanced to the medal round and will fight again later this week.

Jno. Charles’ coach is McNeal Jules.


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