Head of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Unit Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan has shut down claims that the Unit is responsible for issuing passports to investors under the Program.

Ambassador Nanthan said while investors under the CBI Program are within their rights to be holders of a Dominican passport, the Immigration Department is responsible for their issuance.

Ambassador Nanthan told DBS Talking Point this morning, that the unit is responsible for issuing certificates of naturalization, which makes one a citizen of the country.

He added that the certificate of naturalization can be used to apply for a passport through the immigration department and emphasized the fact that the CBI unit does not interfere or interact or interface with passport.

He revealed that there is no difference in the application form for a Dominican passport for any citizen and that the constitution does not differentiate between how an individual becomes a citizen.

Ambassador Nanthan said, “There is no difference in how you became a citizen, once you are a citizen, you are a citizen and the rights and privileges of citizenship are equal for every Dominican.”