Former Dominica Broadcasting Station (DBS) Manager, Mariette Warrington returns to the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal in a matter against her former employers this morning.

Warrington who has been granted leave to take the matter to the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ with certain conditions will be asking the Court to vary its original order since she is a poor person.

She is in a battle with DBS over a 2010 decision to terminate her employment.

A matter between former Canefield Urban Council Chairman, Simeon albert and Council Member, Michael Coipel is also down for the initial stages.

A defamation matter between Dr. Ambassador Philbert Aaron and police officer, Abel “Checko” Jno. Baptiste is to be heard.

In 2014, Mr. Jno Baptiste was asked to pay $130,000 to Ambassador Aaron after he lost the court matter.

The legal battle between the two stems from a calypso performed by Checko titled, “Bug Her”.

Leonel Adams against the police, Oscar Laville against the police, Francis Theodore and the police, Joseph Leblanc and the police and Kim Kenrick Mitchel against the police are among the matters to be heard by the court of appeal this week.

The Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal will hear matters at the High court in Roseau and not the House of Assembly.

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