Newly elected President of the Dominica Olympic Committee, Billy Doctrove says his first job as President is to bring unity to the Dominica Olympic Committee.

Doctrove was voted in as President beating the incumbent Felix Wilson 8 votes to 5 at last night’s Election of officers at the Fort Young Hotel.
There was one spoilt ballot.

Doctrove says there is a lot of work to do to restore the good name of the Dominica Olympic Committee.

He made this statement to the rest of the Executive.

The Olympic Committee was rocked with numerous scandals in the lead up to the elections.

Doctrove had this to say on calls for investigations.

Newly elected president of the Dominica Olympic Committee Billy Doctrove.

Doctrove also said that the media will have an integral role to play and will no longer be barred from meetings.

He also sent an open invitation to sporting associations not affiliated to the Olympic committee to get on board.

Meantime, Former President Felix Wilson said he had no comment for the media.

The Other members on the executive are:
Glen Ettiene, vice president
Phyliss Baron, General Secretary
Fernella Wenham assistant secretary treasurer
and Barry Casimir voted new treasurer beating Phillip White

Ordinary members are Dr. Jenny Allport Williams, Godwin Dorsette, and Woody Lawrence.

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