Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit revealed at the weekend that Government will make an annual investment of $1OO, OOO.00 dollars into the Giraudel /Eggleston flower show and market fair.

Mr. Skerrit delivered the keynote address at the official opening ceremony of the flower show and market fair which returned this year and is celebrating its 5Oth anniversary under the them 5O and still blooming.

“Giraudel eggleston flower show and market fair is an example of the good that can be done when communities have taken initiatives for the interest of all”, Skerrit said.

He said from the onset he wants to commend all who have committed their time and effort to recapture the image of the Giraudel/Eggleston flower show.

He added that for many years Dominicans looked forward to this event with great anticipation and this area became synonymous with beautiful flora and hospitality.

“The funds the government injected into the activities this year is an investment into the longtime success of the flower show and I will say to you we will keep true to our promise of the $1OO, OOO.00 every year’’, he noted.

He said the community should start thinking bigger than what the event is today, because there is room for improvement. He added that the revival of the flower show is truly an inspiration  for other communities in Dominica.

“As a government we believe this has the potential to grow into a major festival which showcases  various aspects of our culture and heritage”, he stated.

Photo Credit The Office of the Prime Minister.

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