Dominica’s geothermal energy project enters a new phase this morning when Parliament meets to debate a motion to give the Government permission to borrow $103 million from the International Development Association.

The funds are to finance the development of a new electricity transmission network from the Roseau Valley to Domlec’s distribution substation at Fondcole.

The Government of Dominica has confirmed through test results the availability of geothermal resources in Laudat capable of generating at least 20 megawatts of electricity.

The Government entered into an agreement with the geothermal power plant company of Dominica in 2023, limited, owned by Ormat Technologies Inc. of Nevada, United States, to finance, build, and operate a 10-megawatt geothermal power plant at Laudat and then transfer to the Government a fully operational power plant after 25 years of operation at no cost to the Government.

A new opposition Senator is also expected to take her oath when Parliament convenes at 10am this morning.