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Health Ministry Announces Red Eyes Outbreak

The Ministry of health is reporting an outbreak of Red Eyes and an increase in chicken pox cases in Dominica.

A statement from the Ministry of Health on Thursday confirmed the outbreak of Viral Conjunctivitis or -Red Eyes in the Health Districts of Marigot, Portsmouth and Roseau.

To date the cases are only being reported from the Marigot, Portsmouth and Roseau Health Districts. Presently there are no reported cases of Red Eyes in the Health Districts of St. Joseph, La Plaine, Castle Bruce and Grand Bay.

In response the Ministry of Health and Environment is advising the public to be vigilant to prevent further spread of the disease.

Red Eyes is an infection of the covering of the surface of the eye and eyelids. This infection is very contagious but it can be effectively treated at home.

Red Eyes is spread easily from person to person. The germs are passed on to others through hand-to-hand contact when hands are not washed after contact with discharge from an infected eye.

Symptoms include:
• Redness or swelling of the white of the eye or inside the eyelid
• Watering eye/ excess tears
• Sandy feeling or pain in the eye
• Increase sensitivity to light
• Blurred vision
• Itching, irritated, and or burning eyes
• Pus or discharge from the eyelids which result in eyelids being stuck together

Meanwhile, the Ministry wishes to report that cases of Chickenpox are on the increase.

However, at this stage, it is not considered to be an outbreak. A cluster of cases was seen in Grand Bay and Roseau Health Districts for the past weeks.

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