Police are conducting investigations into a shooting incident which occurred in Roseau on Friday night.

20 year old Ingershe Peters of 22 Kings Lane was shot in the leg and was discharged from the Princess Margaret Hospital on the same Friday night.

Police say another man, 36 year old Peter Hodge of Gutter Village is nursing head injuries at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The police say they cannot confirm yet whether a gun shot was responsible for head injuries which Hodge sustained.

Shots were fired at the men while they were in a bar which is owned by the family of Peters.

It is not clear whether one person was involved in the shooting.

Police say they are vigorously pursuing the matter.

Meantime, a 12 year old of Coulibistrie was found dead on the porch oh his mother’s home also on Friday night.

Investigations are also underway into that matter.



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