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Lecturers and other staff members of the Dominica State College have embarked on industrial action

The lecturers said the dilapidated buildings at the facility and other concerns need urgent attention.

General Secretary of the Public Service Union Thomas Letang said this morning, the actions of the lecturers are justified.

He said, “We have seen an institution being run and managed by one man, as I speak to you now there is no board of governors in place one which is required by the state college act.”

He added, “This thing has been going on for too long and it needs to stop and to be stopped right now.”

Mr. Letang says the union’s general membership would act if the employment of striking lecturers were to be threatened.

“We will continue with our action until it is cleared to us that the issues will be addressed and will be resolved.”

Meantime,President of the Dominica State College Dr. Donald Peters said he is aware of the issues affecting lecturers.

The industrial action by the lecturers came on the day when exams began.

Dr. Peters said action was taken to ensure that the exams would not be affected over the next two weeks.

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