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Luke Dupigny


We announce the death of Luke Dupigny AKA Irie.
Age: 77 years of Bataca. He was a member of the Atkinson DACAMEN.
He died on 3 rd February, 2020 at the Princess Margaret Hospital.
He leaves to mourn:
1 brother – Bernard Dupigny
2 sisters – Joyce in Sweden & Margaret in Bataca
2 uncles – Byron Tyson in England and Kenneth Tyson in Canefield
1 aunt – Milyn (Me-lyn) Dupigny in Bataca
Nieces – Linda, Diana, Disilia
Nephews – Jacob, Julien, Wadel and Jean
2 Brothers-in-law – Sejoe in Sweden and Hamilton in Bataca
1 Godchild – Constable Jean Seraphine of the Dominica Police Force
Numerous grand nieces and nephews
Numerous cousins both here and abroad including Odette and Dian in England, Roy Tyson in Antigua,
Matthew Burton, Kathleen Auguiste and Fannie Auguiste
Caretakers: Priscillia John and Mallory Tyson
Close friends: Nicholson Viville, John Boyd, Felixia Mason, Skeet Tyson, Valence, Medland and Gerhson
Also left to mourn the Espirit family in Belles and Campbell, the Tyson, Cyrille, Dupigny and Benjamin
family in Bataca
The body of the late Luke Dupigny AKA Irie will be transported from Lyndhurst Funeral Home at 2:30pm
on Saturday, 15 th February at the Salybia Roman Catholic Church. Funeral Mass begins at 3:00pm
followed by interment at the Salybia Roman Catholic Cemetery.

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