The Lupus Foundation of Dominica has Launched Activities for its 4th Annual observance of Lupus Awareness month.

May has been set aside as the Month of awareness to increase public understanding of the cruel and mysterious inflammatory disease that affects the body’s immune system.

The motto of the foundation is to ‘Support, Educate and Motivate.’

Vice President Of The Lupus Foundation of Dominica, Shoyea- Gaye Grant Massicote.

The month of observance will also include a TV program “The Woman in Me”, a basketball game in honour of Lupus awareness hosted by the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association’s National league at Massacre, outreach at business institutions, a choral concert and cocktail , Beats and bites by the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers on May 20, school outreach programs from 21-27, a Woodford Hill health center visit as Lupus is prevalent in that part of the island, POP Day (put on purple) in honour of Lupus Awareness and a Facebook awareness campaign inviting members of the public to post a picture wearing purple to show support and relation to someone with the disease.