Musician Maximea Powell has topped the Canefield Urban Council elections.

Preliminary results from the Canefield Urban Council election on Monday indicate that he was part of the winning team, “team coipel” which was led by Michael Coipel.

Maximea amassed 182 votes with Michael Coipel second at 163, Joyce Dupuis third with 161 and Michael Timothy and Ingrid Abraham, 152.

The other candidates Alliane Abel and Jefferson McPherson 144, Steingel Carter 140 and Alleyne Wilson 120 were unsuccessful.

Elected candidates Michael Timothy and Ingrid Abraham spoke to DBS News.

Candidates for the new Canefield Urban Council, Michael Timothy and Ingrid Abraham.

Michael Coipel turned down a request for an interview with DBS News.

Meantime, outgoing Chairman Simeon Albert says the results were disappointing.