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McKingley Williams Murder Trial Commences at High Court

The murder trial of McKingley Williams of Kingshill has started at the High Court.

Williams is accused of unlawfully causing the death of Dwight Auguiste on December 3, 2O13.

Prosecuting for the State, Keith Scotland of Trinidad told the court that although the deceased Dwight Auguiste was the aggressor by first attacking the accused, the law does not allow for revenge after a threat is over.

He said the threat was over and the accused followed the deceased down the road and caused his death.

The deceased was described as mentally ill having spent time at the Psychiatric Unit.

The prosecution’s first witness was the mother of the accused, Pamella Williams.

She told the court that the deceased first attacked the accused with a coke bottle before a fight ensued and the deceased made statement that he “will kill all of them.”

The accused’s mother said the deceased then left and walked down the road.

The prosecution also called the accused’s sister to give evidence. In all the prosecution is expected to call 1O witnesses.

An 8 woman-1 man jury is hearing the trial presided over by High Court Judge, St Lucian Victoria Charles Clark.

The accused McKingley Williams is represented by Darius Jones.

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