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MoA & Farmers Sign Contracts

The Ministry of Agriculture has begun contract signing for livestock farmers in the South, Southeast, North, West, Central and East Agricultural Regions under the World Bank funded Emergency Agricultural and Climate Resilience Project.

The farmers will receive materials based on their assessed values and production levels prior to the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, for the commencement of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of their animal housing structures.

Beneficiary packages range from EC$1,000 to a maximum of $50,000 dollars, with the total amounts allocated to this component, including the Northeast Agricultural Region in excess of EC$ 6 million dollars.

Livestock farmers previously approved will now enter into these agreements to receive materials and supplies by the end of May 22nd, 2023 for rapid commencement of works towards the complete rehabilitation of structures.

Meanwhile, core Banana and Plantain farmers will receive support valued at about one million dollars in the form of tools, fertilizers and soil amendments to assist them with general husbandry exercises and to increase production and profitability.

Through the intervention of the World Bank Funded, Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience, from June 1st, 2023 farmers will be provided with assistance based on their cultivated acreages and production levels.

Farmers will receive packages from two categories: two acres but less than three acres under active cultivation will receive an incentive package valued at $5,400 and those with three acres but less than six acres will receive packages worth $10,800 dollars.

In addition, every farmer will receive per each acre cultivated ten bags of Agricultural White Lime and 2 packets Diathane.

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