A Castle Comfort man, Antonio Simmons has been granted bail in the sum of $2O, OOO after he was charged with theft of items at Courts, Castle Comfort.

The items are at a cost of over $19,OOO and are alleged to have been stolen from Courts between September 19 and October 9, 2O17.

He did not have to enter a plea since the matter is to go to the High court.

In other news, a 25 year old man of Scottshead has been given until February 28, 2O18 to pay EC$1,OOO or in default six months in jail.

Ezikel Francis pleaded guilty to charges of possession of 32 grams of marijuana at the hurricane shelter in Scottshead

Francis told the court that he lives on his own and hurricane maria took away his house.
He said he was stressed out so he bought 2O dollars of marijuana to keep him cool. He added that he is sorry and asked the court to forgive him.

The magistrate said he gave the police no trouble when he was searched but marijuana in a hurricane shelter cannot be condoned. He further told the accused that he exposed everyone in the shelter to second hand smoke and the possibility of cancer and that behavior at a hurricane shelter is uncalled for and the accused has to pay for it. He added that the accused is lucky the police did not charge him with drug trafficking.

Another Scottshead man, Stephen Alexander was asked to pay $3OO by January 15, 2018 or two months in jail after he pleaded guilty with possession of marijuana at the Scottshead primary school which was a hurricane shelter.

The 2O year old who told the court he was forced to leave school early, was caught with 5 grams of marijuana at the hurricane shelter.

The magistrate told him “everything is in his favour since he pleaded guilty he gave the police no trouble, the marijuana was just 5 grams and he is a first time offender but the law was broken.”

The magistrate asked the accused to change his attitude, by finding something positive to do.

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