The state is expected to close its case today, when the murder trial involving Rudy Junior Jones continues at the High court.

Jones is on trial for the stabbing death of Falcon Wallace in Marigot on August 24th, 2O12.

On day three of the trial today, Investigating Officer and former Sergeant of Police, Jno Baptiste Prince who was stationed at the Marigot Police Station said close to midnight on August 24, he received a call and went on duty at the Marigot Hospital and noticed the deceased with a wound to his lower abdomen and received the death card from the doctor.

He said at about 2:3O-3:00a.m on August 25, 2O12 the accused was brought in to the police station and he observed that the accused had a strong influence of alcohol and was behaving aggressively and shouting at the top of his voice.

Prince said the accused made a statement later in the day saying he was at a bar having a drink when the deceased searched his pocket and said he was going to rob him.

Prince told the Court that the statement from the accused suggested that he got a slap in his face so rushed to a near by stand pipe, got a knife and passed it on the deceased and went away.

In Prince’s two hour submission to the court, he said the accused was formally arrested with the death of Falcon Wallace.

State Attorney Fernilia Felix leads the States case with David Bruney as defense counsel.

An eight woman one man jury is hearing the trial presided over by Justice Victoria Charles Clark.

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