Two men will have their cases for murder retried when the new session of the criminal court on Tuesday.

Sherman Webb who has sentenced to life in 2012 for the murder of Barbadian Corey Polleon, returns to the High Court to be retired after the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal ruled earlier this year that the jury was not properly directed in his trial.

Shane Degallerie who has been granted bail will also be retried after the East Caribbean Court of Appeal identified errors by trial judge.

He was jailed for the murder of 19 year old Justin Joseph in 2010 but the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal ruled that his 2013 trial was a mistrial.
5 others are also expected to be tried for murder. They are Vivian Charles, Daniel Bannis, Mitchel Toussaint, Mackinley Williams and Loweate Montelle Dederick Dick.

Grevous bodily harm, indecent assault, aggravated burglary, arson, attempted buggery, abduction and detention, causing death by reckless driving, unlawful wounding, rape and wounding are the other matters down to be heard during the new session of the criminal court.

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