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PI into Dr. Fontaine’s Incitement Case Begins

The Preliminary Inquiry into the case against Leader of the United Workers’ Party (UWP), Dr. Thomson Fontaine, of incitement relating to the UWP meeting in Roseau in 2017 began yesterday, Thursday April 28.

While the preliminary inquiry began, it was adjourned to July 26, 2023.

Dr. Fontaine is represented by Cara Shillingford-Marsh, Wayne Marsh and Tiyani Behanzin, while the police are represented in the matter by three attorneys from Trinidad and Tobago including senior counsel Israel Khan and his son.

Meantime an application was also made in court Thursday, requesting permission for Dr. Fontaine to return to South Sudan where he is employed.

Dr. Fontaine is due to return in time for his court matter scheduled for July 26.

Former Leader of the Opposition, Lennox Linton’s case related to the events following the UWP meeting in 2017 was was scheduled for September.

Former Prime Minister, Edison James, is also charged with incitement related to that 2017 meeting.


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