Plans for the establishment of a modern Housing community for Petite Savanne are said to be at an advanced stage.

Government formally signed a contract in June for the building of houses for the resettlement of the people of Petite Savanne who were displaced by Tropical Storm Erika.

Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Investment Dr. Colin Mc Intyre told Parliament today the project is expected to begin soon.

Nearly 300 families from Petite Savanne were affected by the August 27th 2015 monster Tropical Storm Erika. That is 823 people, representing one percent of the registered 26, 085 national households.

Since the displacement and evacuation of these families, the Dominica Labour Party administration has provided accommodation and other forms of social support critical to their daily lives.

In total, 357 units will be constructed; 42 of which will be for day care and early childhood education centres; and sports, recreation and commercial centres to include shops and boutiques.

The new community project is being funded by the Citizenship by Investment programme.