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Police release names of 31 dead, 34 missing

The police in Dominica have released the names of those who have died and those who are missing due to the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The list reveals the staggering impact of the hurricane on human life on the island and shows that 31 people have been confirmed dead and 34 missing.

Based on the information, it appears Loubiere and Pointe Michel were the hardest hit in terms of human casualties.

According to information from the police, four are confirmed dead in Pointe Michel and 13 are missing.

Confirmed dead are Royston Toussaint, Murray Delmore, Veronica Peltier and Glen Alexander.

Missing from Pointe Mitchel are Randolph Randy Charles, Philipson Renault, Ann Lanquedoc, Morian Lanquedoc, Nadora Williams, Garvin Francis, Jerome Daniel, Jayalia Lawrence, Gertain Daniel, Edith Fontaine, Nashon Attidore, Darry Grove of Vielle case and Joanne Francis.

Four are confirmed dead from the community of Grand Bay. They are Evette Leatham, Okan Letang and Jennifer Bonny. Missing from that community is Alpheus Maxim.

From the community of Dos Dane, Alfred Magloire, Jennifer Moulon and Anthony Bannis, aka Rasta are confirmed dead while missing are Rita Magloire and Vitus of Paix Bouche.

In Loubiere, confirmed dead is 10-year-old Yakira Joseph and missing are Destiny Joseph, Ivon Prevost , Myrtle Celaire, Clive Leblanc, Jerry Lafleur, Annie Simon and Ronnie Jolly of Petit Savanne.
In Fond Baron Gloria Elie Prosper is confirmed dead and one-year-old Jaydon Jno Baptiste is confirmed missing.
In the community of Mahaut, Alicious Joseph and Lee alias Dig are dead.

In Castle Bruce, Laronde Roberts of Mahaut and Alexis Laville of Penville have died.

Also confirmed dead are Peter Registe of Tarish pit, Emmanuel Joseph of Fond Cole, Daminal Ishmael of Stockfarm and John Thomas and Ivon Jules of Morne Bruce, Irella Henry of Marigot, Janet Canoville of Belles living in Grand Fond, Theresa Frederick of Dublanc, Lucy Thomas of Scottshead and Whitfield Wallace of Woodfordhill.

Confirmed missing in Roseau are Minelle Monetto, Jeffrey Menero , Edmond Charles , Sharon Francis and Jno Lewis Fontaine.

Also confirmed missing are Peter Lewis in Canefield, Vanya Woodman in Bath Estates, Marcus Boyd in Castle Comfort, Jopha Christopher six-year-old in Pottersville and Christine Thomas in Savanne Paille.

Police have said the bodies of five people could not be identified.