The Police Welfare Association PWA reached an agreement with the Government on salary increase.
Chairman of the Police Welfare Association, Jefferson Drigo said however, COVID 19 factored in the police decision to accept Government’s offer.
“We accepted with a heavy heart I will say not what we wanted, initially we proposed a different figure…but with a heavy heart we have come to an agreement with the Government negotiating team for a one off salary for the 2018-2019,” Drigo stated.
The Association will receive 50 percent in December 2021, with the other 50 percent to be received in June 2022.
“The second year 2018-2019 we agreed for 1.25% increase on the salary; and for the third year we agreed because of COVID and the global financial situation, we came to an understanding that we would accept zero for 2020-2021,” Drigo noted.