President of the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC), Felix Wilson says the DOC has not violated any policies of the International Ticketing Programme for the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympic Games and says the matter seems to be a major misunderstanding.

This development follows a letter written by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Director General Christophe De kepper accusing the Dominica Olympic Committee of being in breach of the IOC’s code of Conduct.

The Letter says that the DOC did not respect the terms and conditions of the ticket sales agreement.

The letter also says that elements brought to the IOC highlighted a lack of transparency and good governance within the Olympic Committee as records show that access to the ticketing programme was provided to a person unauthorized by RIO 2016.

This is what the DOC President had to say on the matter.

The IOC is also recommending that the DOC improve its model of management and governance in order to be compliant with the principles of the Olympic Charter.

The IOC also says this incident will be taken into account when considering Dominica’s ticketing needs for the next Olympic games.

Wilson says the situation is unfortunate and the DOC has already written to the IOC seeking clarification on the matter.

He says he is concerned that the internal matter was leaked out.