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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the new Work in Nature Program is another avenue to boost Dominica’s Tourism Sector


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said the new Work in Nature Program
is another initiative to boost Dominica’s Tourism Sector.
The Work in Nature Program which has officially been launched, allows
foreigners to obtain a visa to work remotely in Dominica for 18 months.
“I would like to certainly commend those who conceptualized this
program, and who have worked tirelessly to finetune the details before it
launched. This Work in Nature Program is targeted towards people who
want to work remotely, digital nomads and those with families,” Mr.
Skerrit said.
The Program will also cater for families and children wishing to
continue their education while in Dominica.
“And the WIN family bundle encourages people to bring along their
children who would be able to continue their education on the island,
whether they want to continue their education online or they want to
enter into our school system…They are free to certainly enter into our
school system in Dominica,” Prime Minister Skerrit noted.
According to Mr. Skerrit, the Work in Nature Program also aims at
giving families a rich cultural experience enhanced by the natural
wonders of the island.
“Surely Dominica is a dream destination, the kind of place you can
escape to and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature,” the Prime
Minister added.

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