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Roseau South MP Statement- Loubiere Murder Incident

Dear Editor,

Let us collectively show responsibility.

Our community of Loubiere has been stunned by what appears to be a senseless killing of a young lady at Lahaut road Loubiere on the evening of January 04, 2017 . We do not know why this perpetrator did what he did. And it is reasonable to conclude that the person who committed this horrible act has a sickness in his mind.

The families of the perpetrator must be in total disbelief that their own would commit such a heinous act. The family of the deceased must be in total shock. The community of Loubiere, particularly our brothers and sisters at Lahaut road are in pain.

We are trying to find answers for this horrible situation and over the next few days we will be hurting.

I ask the general public to be sensitive to the individuals affected directly or indirectly, and to pray for the families of the alleged perpetrator and that of the victim as well for the entire Community of Loubiere.

As your parliamentary representative, I am personally hurt and wish to sharply condemn such brutal act of violence against another.

Let us be responsible as a people as we seek answers. We must remember the Almighty God on his throne and to deliver our people and country in his hand.

Joshua Francis
Roseau South MP

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