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Several Matters to Go before the Court at the start of the January Criminal Court Session

Three Chinese nationals have pleaded guilty to the theft of over 1O4 , OOO dollars at the national Bank of Dominica in 2O16.

Information from the court revealed that the crime was committed between the 5th and 9th of July 2O16.

They appeared at the start of the January criminal court session and pleaded guilty through an interpreter.

They are due to return to court on friday, when the prosecution will read out the facts of the case to the court .

Meantime , bus driver Edison Pemberton has pleaded guilty to charges of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Pemberton is on remand for a November 23 , 2O15 incident in Roseau in which he inflicted serious injuries to Bianca Blanchard.

Pemberton is to be sentenced on the 1Oth of February following a social inquiry report.

Another man , Anthony Mingo pleaded guilty to arson.

Mingo is charged with unlawfully and maliciously setting the house of Tony Mingo of Concord on fire on the 1Oth of January 2O16 , but he pleaded not guilty to charges that he set the house of Alison James on fire on the same day.

Leroy Williams of Salisbury pleaded not guilty to charges of causing the death of Hilroy Ambo on the Jimmit public road in November 2O11.

His matter returns to court on the 1Oth of February.

Meantime , Lyndon St Louis charged with causing the death of Coreen Francis on the Cockrane public road in Goodhope in 2O13 , has pleaded not guilty.

Brian Dorival who is also charged with causing death by wreck-less driving will have his matter heard on January 3O.

Antonia Charlie Mathew has also pleaded not guilty to charges that on December 23 , 2O13 ,in Calibishie, he caused the death of Kayla Pierre by dangerous driving.

Miguel Samuel charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent , on November 9 , 2O13 has pleaded guilty.

He will be sentenced on the 3rd of February. Mc-Donald Lafond pleaded guilty to charges that on the 5th of August 2O11, he caused grievous bodily harm with intent to Brian Ryan
He returns to court on Friday.

Five murder cases will be heard during the January criminal court session.

Among them is the retrial of Sherman Webb of Kingshill.

Webb was sentenced to life in prison for the death of Barbadian Corey Polleon, but last year the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal quashed his conviction.

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