Health Minister Dr. Irving Mc Intrye has announced a decision to cancel all festive and social gatherings in Dominica this weekend.

The Minister’s announcement came last night, after he reported four new cases of COVID-19.

The cases bring Dominica’s total active cases to 16, with 6 coming from a cluster in Portsmouth.

Dr. Mc Intyre assured citizens that the Ministry of Health is carrying out an extensive contact tracing program, in a bid to contain the spread of the Coronavirus in Dominica.

The cancellation of social and festive gatherings for the weekend took effect on Friday July 30th at 7:30 pm, in light of the new cases.

Church services were also cancelled for communities between Dublanc and Capuchin, to include Bioche, Tanetane, Toucari, Cottage and Clifton.

The Health Minister urged other churches across the island to take extra precaution during services this weekend.

Dr. Mc Intyre stressed the importance of adhering to health protocol at this time, including wearing masks in public, sanitizing hands and social distancing.