The Dominica Bar Association (DBA) has condemned attacks on members of the judiciary being circulated on social media.

Resident Judge, Her Ladyship Bernie Stephenson and President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Dennis Byron are among some of the high profile members of the judiciary coming under attack on social media.

The Bar association in its release condemned statements made by a litigant before the court about the President of the CCJ Sir Dennis Byron.

The Dominica Bar Association also said in its statement that it unequivocally supports freedom of expression and the right of individuals to voice their personal opinions and concerns about the Administration of Justice in our society.

However, if the rule of law is to be strengthened in a democratic society, such statements should be constructive and fair and should be made to the appropriate authorities in a dignified manner and using the correct procedure.

The Dominica Bar Association further stated that attacks only serve to weaken the public’s confidence in the Judiciary and the Judicial System.