The National Bank of Dominica announced at the weekend that it has
completed the acquisition of the banking assets of Royal Bank of
Canada, Roseau branch effective April 1, 2021.

In December 2019, a consortium of regional banks entered into an
agreement to purchase the Eastern Caribbean banking operations of
Royal Bank of Canada.
The Chair of the Board of Directors at the National Bank of Dominica,
Urania Williams said the bank had gained valuable new customers and
talented new employees through the acquisition, and they are excited to
have them on board.
She stated they are working hard to ensure a smooth transition for both
customers and employees.
The former Royal Bank of Canada branch located on the Bay Front
opened on April 6, as the National Bank of Dominica.
The NBD said there will be minimal changes in the operations of the
Bank in the first instance, however, it hopes to integrate all account and
services into its systems in the coming months, to give the new
customers access to its range of products and services.
The NBD also reported that rates and terms have not been changed on
customer accounts.
Deputy Managing Director of NBD Linda Toussaint said new customers
will be able to conduct their day to day operations at the same location
on the Bay Front.