A grade six student of St. Martin Primary has died. The family of 12- year old Genevive Sanford says she died from seizures at her home in Virgin Lane. Her mother Samantha St. Rose says seizures were nothing new for her 12- year old child.

Family friend Jacqueline Jackson says she is devastated by the death of Genevive Sanford

Principal of St Martin Primary is Brinette Moreau.


  • Linella


    I am going through my phone and reading this news really broke my heart….i call my son to ask him if he could remember this child he could quit remember but when I told him that we met at the the covid centre he immediately said yes mummy the troublesome girl and he smiled I said she died. The smile just went away.

  • Constance St.Rose


    Very sad to read that.My condolences to the family. RIP

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