Two foreign nationals have been remanded in custody in connection with theft of over $56O,OOO dollars from the National Bank of Dominica.

Information from the magistrates court in Roseau on Tuesday afternoon revealed that the Venezuelan and Romanian interfered with the NBD’s ATM machines at Douglas Charles Airport , Portsmouth and Roseau between March 24 and April  12, 2O19.

Police say $139,595 dollars was stolen at the ATM machines in  Roseau, while $415,445 dollars was taken from Portsmouth.

At Douglas Charles Airport the men are alleged to have stolen $8,63O dollars.

The prosecution objected to bail claiming that the men are foreign nationals and don’t have any connection with Dominican nationals and if granted bail, they will most likely attempt to leave the jurisdiction.

The prosecution also said the crime is serious and if found guilty the penalty would be severe.

The accused said through an interpreter that they cooperated with the police during the investigation and offered no resistance or aggression and asked  for mercy.

But the magistrate said the accused have no ties to Dominica, the gravity of the offenses plus the possible penalties would have the men not attend trial.

He said Dominica does not have the equipment to monitor the moves of the accused, so he was denying bail.

The court also commended the performance of corporal Boyd Yankey, the investigating officer in the case.

Trial is fixed for August 12 , 2O19.