How a Trip to Dominica Obliterated My Worldview

Crafted Travel Company

On a recent cruise to the Caribbean, I found myself on a small island nation I knew nothing about and, quite frankly, didn’t care all that much to visit. But I took a day-long excursion that left me with a completely different outlook on life and travel. This is the story of how that happened – how Dominica completely changed my perspective.

0:00 Do you make this mistake?
0:58 First impressions of Dominica
2:48 Dominica’s Emerald Pool
4:24 Seeing Roseau for the first time
5:11 The Champagne Reef
6:29 Charlotte’s BnB and Island Lunch
6:52 The road to Trafalgar Falls
9:29 The incredible discovery of Titou Gorge
11:47 The lightbulb moment
12:29 How Dominica changed me