We Announce The Death Of Mr. Remy Alfred Better Known As “Bill” Or “Pokey”

Age:45 of Soufriere

He Died On Friday 16th September

He Was The Son Of Antoinette Mason.

He Was The Step-Son Of  Mr. Peter Isidore.

He Will Be Remembered By:

Four Sisters Cecilia, Yolanda, Irmin And Lucinda Alfred.

Two Brothers Steven And Kervin Alfred.

Special Brothers Kelly Mcpherson And Jean-Phillip.

Nieces: Lyncia, Kerstelle, Kersia, Amanda And Vickey.

Nephews: Zaquan, Steven Junior, Michael, Jean-Shall, Mario, Nathan, Elroy, Kervel, Kimani, Chester, Rickey And Quanny.

Grand Nieces: Lauricka,Kelsia, Joanne And Amina

Grand Nephews: Ewlan, Zane, Camron, Sheroy, Alex, David, Davian, Zario And Kaleb.

Aunts: Tea-Tie, Jenny, Jennifer, Fanfan, Ophine, Detty, Angela, Claywina And Obrayam.

Uncles: Rufus, Stephan, Julie, Stafford And Joseph.

Numerous Families: Kenneth And Family, Manuella And Family, Helen, Vaughn, Nellie And  Family, Henjenny,

Germain, Jasmine, Skyler, Henry, Greg, Gary, Henrison, Henderson And Herbert, Francisca, Selibo And Family.

Valina, Valda And Family, Fefell And Family, Rosillia, Luvaine, Ike, Narine, Rosemary, Cathy, Kathleen, Sonia,

Magdalene, Carleen And Family, Merlyn And Family. Audrey And Family, Vilna And Family, Catty And Family,

Julian And Family, Mina And Family, Flavia And Family, T-Sunday, Daddy Sun, Coy And Family, Veronica, Saran,

Tony, Rudolphia And Family, Jeffrey And  Family, Celia And Family, Che-Che And Family,Tyler, The Mason, Alfred,

Jno-Lewis Families.

Special Neighbors And Friends:– Stanny, Kello, Banjo, Dada. Sista, Collins, Rass, Janel, Wellington, Franky,

Marie, Hyacinth, Lynthia, Keitha, Celo, Sonia, Rolston, Oggie, Scoby, Souwi, Zephaniah, Curtise, Baby, Wilfred,

Jarbosy, Miriam, Valantine, Lex, Tidol And Valantine. The Entire Communities Of Soufriere, Scotts Head And Gallion.

The Body Of The Late Mr. Remy Alfred Better Known As ‘Bill’ Or ‘Pokey” Of Soufriere Will Be Viewed At 2:30 Pm On

Wednesday 28th September At The Soufriere Catholic Church, The Funeral Mass Will Take Place At 3:00 Pm At

The Soufriere Catholic Church And Will Be Followed By Interment At The Soufriere Catholic Cemetery.

The Management And Staff Of Dbs Radio Extends Deepest Condolences To The Family Of The Late Mr Remy Alfred

Better Known As ‘Bill’ Or ‘Pokey’ Of Soufriere.

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